donate your stuff

Building supplies, furniture, appliances & home stuff
Restore - Habitat for Humanity (Drop off/free pick-up) 509 17th St. SW | 403-504-5043

Furniture, appliances & clothing
The Post - Canadian Mental Health (Drop off) 410 S. Railway St. SE | 403-527-0326

Value Village (Drop off) 1368 Trans Canada Way SE | 403-580-4410

Salvation Army Thrift Store (Drop off) 457 3rd St. SE | 403-526-6822

Diabetes Canada (Free pick-up) 1-800-505-5525

Hillcrest Church (Free pick-up) 403-526-4010

Dry goods and clothing
Hope Street Glenview Nazarene Church (Drop off) 4027 Strachan Road SE | 403-529-9300

Food and personal products
Medicine Hat Food Bank (Drop off) 532 S. Railway St. SE | 403-528-4313

Clothing, personal products and small household items
Medicine Hat Women’s Shelter Society (Call to arrange donation) 403-527-8223

recycle your stuff

Styrofoam, electronics, lighting, batteries, etc.
London Drugs (Drop off) 3201 13 Ave SE | 403-528-8360

Recycling Drop-off Depots

City Recycling Depots

Kin Coulee Depot | 240 Kipling St SE

Medicine Hat Mall Depot | 3292 Dunmore Rd SE

Shamrock Bottle Depot | 172 Altawana Drive NE  

Redi Bottle Depot | 1040 South Railway St SE