Our services are custom built for you. these packages offer you an idea of the different types of work we can do for you.


The Downsizer

Assist in decluttering and finding organization solutions for a smaller space

The Mover and Shaker

Prepare, pack, and set-up a new place

Modern Family_Blue-01.png

The Modern Family

Create zones and offer tips to make the most of a busy family life

The Office

Find solutions to the everyday flow and function of a workspace

Digital Stuff_Black-01.png

the Digital Stuff

Clean up and make the most of digital files and activities

The Starter

Get your feet wet with a one-room overhaul

The Do-it-yourself type

Not sure where to begin… We give you a plan so that you can tackle the work on your own

The Complete Overhaul

It’s the whole shebang, be it home or work space, we organize everything

The Tune-up

The regular check-in helps to maintain the good work we’ve done